Copyright 2011 Cynthia P. Hunter

Snow in the middle of Autumn….? But wait… It’s too early to snow. It is still October. I couldn’t resist capturing this transitional day when snow attempted to over shadow Autumn’s glory. Autumn foliage and Winter’s frost created a spectacular surreal display. Images taken in Montgomery Village, Maryland. Gallery

What Do You See?

When composing an image to photograph, often times, I close my eyes to see the image without focusing on any one focal point.  I look for the presence of the scene.

Washington DC Architecture

I begin to feel the color of light and how the surrounding areas absorb the light. This process produces a visual image often not seen by those who only look.  It may sound a little confusing, but it works.  These images of building reflections in Washington, DC, appeared after I closed my eyes for a few seconds and erased  all the previous images I saw while looking at the buildings. The building reflections were there all the time, but I noticed them only after re-opening my eyes.    The building reflections appeared more interesting than the actual buildings.    Enjoy!