In Black and White

Copyright 2011 Cynthia P. Hunter Photography

This Summer’s floral bounty provided ample opportunity to capture the brilliant colors in water lillies, poenies, lotus blossoms and roses. While thinking of new ways to capture the perennials of Summer, I decided to focus on structure, form and texture by removing the color. Inner beauty was my goal. Humans are constantly bombarded with a standard of beauty that reflects the newest, youngest, brightest and most dazzling. Inner beauty often requires observations that extend beyond initial attraction. Eliminating color in an image allowed me to focus on the subject’s form, texture and design. The intrinsic quality not immediately observed when viewed in color, suddenly awakened my attraction to a different level. Although a water lily is quite amazing in its own right, the black and white version provided a stronger perspective of its essence.
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Butterfly at Wings of Fancy Exhibit @ 2010 Cynthia P. Hunter Photography

What is the fascination with butterflies? The annual “Wings of Fancy Butterfly” exhibit at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland attract thousands of people every year.  Although the temperature in the conservatory is always above 85 degrees.  I simply can’t resist  visiting them year after year.  The don’t provide any new tricks to keep attracting new visitors, yet their following increases.
Butterflies aren’t easily annoyed when interrupted by tiny hands trying to capture them or pointy lenses interrupting their meal time.  Butterflies don’t chase with menacing stingers.  Butterflies  take life delicately and lightly. The are simply content at being a Butterfly. Could the attraction be the light and airy flutter of their wings as they fly from flower to flower?  Or their beautiful colors and wing pattens? Maybe it is their ability to provide a sense of well being. Whatever the attraction.  They can be counted on to provide  a sense of wonder, beauty and freedom.

Seems they recognize their life time is short and their purpose is well focused. More Butterflies.