Staying Open

Copyright 2011 Cynthia P. Hunter

Woke up early this morning to the sound of a new winged visitor singing in the tree in front of my bedroom window. As I peaked out the window to discover the newest song bird, I noticed the fog. Fog! Oh yeah! I love photographing landscapes with fog. It adds a sense of mystery. I thought, get up and grab my camera before the sunrise burn off. But first, I had to locate my winged song bird. As I lifted the window shades, the bird stopped singing. I waited a couple of minutes for the next rendition of the bird’s song and surely it was delivered, but without revealing itself. I took out my iPhone to record the song, suddenly the bird stopped singing again….

With Plan Two in mind, I quickly dressed, grabbed my camera bag and took off in search of clickable scenes in the fog. The fog was not very thick and did not render the scene as I had hoped.

Since it was early morning, I decided to check out a nearby lake, hoping the lake had dense fog. Nope! Plan Three was Not Happening…

Settled into acceptance of not achieving my photographic endeavors, I began to randomly photograph anything that caught my attention. I discovered lots of spider webs and a very long legged spider. Spider webs everywhere. I took a few images of the spider webs among other random subjects.

I’m not a real fan of spider webs. I always seem to walk into them. This particular morning, there were rain droplets on spider webs causing the intricate patterns to glisten.

When I returned home, I discovered the only images worth keeping from my morning photo shoot were the images of the spider webs. Lesson learned, stay open, enjoy the music and embrace the mystery of life. Spider Webs.