Breaking Lose in NYC!

Hand Held Long Exposure by Cynthia P. Hunter Copyright 2012

Watching the sunset on the New York City Skyline while the city lights reflect on the Hudson River is amazing. As dusk subsides into darkness, the city lights take on a familiar glow. As I attempted the long exposures of the perfect architectural skyline, it occurred to me, the image would render New York City in a static state. However, stillness does not describe New York City.  New York City is full of energy, light, color, activity, noise and excitement. Suddenly, I took my camera off the tripod and shifted the camera slightly up and down while holding the shutter button. Releasing myself from the confines of picture perfect photography, and shifting my intentions to convey  the emotions experienced was much more exciting. Here are a few images.

What Do You See?

When composing an image to photograph, often times, I close my eyes to see the image without focusing on any one focal point.  I look for the presence of the scene.

Washington DC Architecture

I begin to feel the color of light and how the surrounding areas absorb the light. This process produces a visual image often not seen by those who only look.  It may sound a little confusing, but it works.  These images of building reflections in Washington, DC, appeared after I closed my eyes for a few seconds and erased  all the previous images I saw while looking at the buildings. The building reflections were there all the time, but I noticed them only after re-opening my eyes.    The building reflections appeared more interesting than the actual buildings.    Enjoy!