Breaking Lose in NYC!

Hand Held Long Exposure by Cynthia P. Hunter Copyright 2012

Watching the sunset on the New York City Skyline while the city lights reflect on the Hudson River is amazing. As dusk subsides into darkness, the city lights take on a familiar glow. As I attempted the long exposures of the perfect architectural skyline, it occurred to me, the image would render New York City in a static state. However, stillness does not describe New York City.  New York City is full of energy, light, color, activity, noise and excitement. Suddenly, I took my camera off the tripod and shifted the camera slightly up and down while holding the shutter button. Releasing myself from the confines of picture perfect photography, and shifting my intentions to convey  the emotions experienced was much more exciting. Here are a few images.

Summer Impressions

Blackeyed Susan Flower

Copyright 2011 Cynthia P. Hunter

Yesterday evening the weather cooled with a threatening storm.  As I sat on my front porch, I realized how faithfully the Blackeyed Susan  flowers blossom every year.  Weather has never been a deterrent.  Neither too much rain or drought has ever stopped them from blooming. The yellow petals beckon every visitor to come closer.

As a pending storm rushed in the wind, I captured  the movement of the flowers.  Interesting patterns and shapes took affect and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  The painterly, abstract effect is what I like most. See Gallery