“i See Color!

2012 Copyright Cynthia P. Hunter Photography

When planning a photo shoot for pleasure, practice or assignment, my best intention of capturing the purest rendition of the subject is usually half of the experience.  After recording  the images as it appears,  I am free to satisfy the impulse to re-interpret the subject before me. This second half of the photo shoot is most pleasurable. Creativity takes the helm and I am often delighted with an unexpected image that simply rocks my soul.   As the saying goes….”What you resist persists”. The blue and white pastel, delicate and small flowers were barely noticeable as a single flower, but once I grouped them together with neighboring flowers, colors and movement , the pallet popped with personality! This image is a  composite of three images. See Gallery


Here Kitty Kitty..!

2012 Cynthia P. Hunter Photography

“I think I saw a Putty Cat!” The National Zoo in Washington DC is an amazing zoo.The animals are healthy and varied and there is no entrance fee. Yesterday’s crisp cool  morning alerted the animals to bask in the sun. The animals came out of their hiding spots,  to soak up the sun and gaze lazily upon the spectators. A real treat for photographers. More Animal pics

Cherry Blossoms!

Copyright 2012 Cynthia P. Hunter

A celebrated time of the year in the Washington DC area.  Thousands throng to the Tidal Basin to see, smell and embrace the onset of Spring.  Walking under a canopy of pink blossoms conjures up childhood dreams of enchanted forests where bunny rabbits, squirrels and blue jays frolic about as one happy family.  Some images taken in my front yard.  Cherry Blossom Gallery


Breaking Lose in NYC!

Hand Held Long Exposure by Cynthia P. Hunter Copyright 2012

Watching the sunset on the New York City Skyline while the city lights reflect on the Hudson River is amazing. As dusk subsides into darkness, the city lights take on a familiar glow. As I attempted the long exposures of the perfect architectural skyline, it occurred to me, the image would render New York City in a static state. However, stillness does not describe New York City.  New York City is full of energy, light, color, activity, noise and excitement. Suddenly, I took my camera off the tripod and shifted the camera slightly up and down while holding the shutter button. Releasing myself from the confines of picture perfect photography, and shifting my intentions to convey  the emotions experienced was much more exciting. Here are a few images.

Art is Everywhere

Copyright 2011 Cynthia P. Hunter Photography.com

On a morning walk with my dog Missey, nature’s pallet revealed itself in an extra-ordinary manner. The frost and moisture from yesterday’s snow storm left a distinguishing mark along the crevices and perimeter of leaves. Crystallized frost pattens embraced leaves with a kiss of texture. See Gallery