Art is Everywhere

Copyright 2011 Cynthia P. Hunter

On a morning walk with my dog Missey, nature’s pallet revealed itself in an extra-ordinary manner. The frost and moisture from yesterday’s snow storm left a distinguishing mark along the crevices and perimeter of leaves. Crystallized frost pattens embraced leaves with a kiss of texture. See Gallery


Copyright 2011 Cynthia P. Hunter

Snow in the middle of Autumn….? But wait… It’s too early to snow. It is still October. I couldn’t resist capturing this transitional day when snow attempted to over shadow Autumn’s glory. Autumn foliage and Winter’s frost created a spectacular surreal display. Images taken in Montgomery Village, Maryland. Gallery

Seasonal Gifts

Most flowers  had their day of supreme rein during the peak of the season.  Now it is time for the Autumn showcase of foliage.  However, if you are counting the days until the peak foliage of Autumn, you just might miss your gift of the day. Gifts are the special moments that surprise us with something new and unique. Acknowledge the gifts of the universe and discover “your cup over floweth”. The beautiful formation of lily pads in a simple pond at the Atlanta, GA Botanical Garden captivated me.  I was obliged to say Thank you.
Lily Pad Gallery