After the Storm

Fallen leaf in snow 2011 Copyright 2011 Cynthia P. Hunter

Fallen leaf in snow 2011 Copyright 2011 Cynthia P. Hunter

It is so ironic to find peace after a raging storm. After a horrendous snow storm last night and a temporary loss of power, I woke this morning to still silence. Thrilled by another Snow Day off, I grabbed my camera and darted out the back door in search of the beautiful display nature always delivers. Just like a good argument that’s been brewing, nature simply needed to work some things out…. What started out as a little weeping with rain drops, quickly erupted with hollering and screaming, thunder and lightening. And then came the down pour… several inches per hour. Most took cover, hoping not to get caught in the middle. However, difficulties were inevitable. Precautions and warnings abound, business had to do go on. Some heeded the warnings, others took their chances. Nature took rein and delivered as promised.

The storm seemed to have released much pent up tension and has reconciled its issues. The storm delivered a peace offering of sculptured snow covered tree branches and trunks. A landscape of white snow blanketed the canvas with such precision and detail, it is unfathomable this beauty is the result of a storm.

Here are a few of the images from my morning walk with Missey (Cocka-poo). Click slide show in upper right corner of web site portfolio.

Creative Rut?

Flamingo 2011 Copyright Cynthia P. Hunter Photography

It’s been a while since my last posting and picture taking adventure. I believe I have experienced a spat of Creative Rut? What is Creative Rut? According to my experience, a creative rut is when inspiration and creative thinking come to halt. After the magnificent and glorious display of the Autumn show case, my camera and I parted ways. The holidays set in with the hustle and bustle of festivities and quite time with my camera was a thing of the past. Outdoor brilliant colors dissipated to brown, beige, gray and white. I lost my inspiration.

So in an effort to resurrect myself from this lull, I visited the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Wow what a treat! There are two sets of lion cubs recently born, a male lion and two female lions. One female gave birth in August 2010 while the other delivered in September 2010. The cubs are adorable! Their daily outings are short due to the cold weather. But if you can visit around 12:30 pm, weather permitting, you may get a glimpse at the pride. What a treat to see a entire lion pride in Washington, DC.

Still in need of color, I walked over the the flamingos. They were cackling up a storm. Their brilliant color of red and pink is what I needed to perk up on this particular dreary Monday afternoon. These birds strike me as very difficult to photograph. They are always moving and it is hard to capture a full head shot due to the constant movement of their very flexible neck. Still they are beautiful! Their color seems to be more brilliant in the winter than summer.

Unlike lions, ducks and geese are a dime a dozen in the Washington, DC area, yet, I can’t resist photographing them. I cannot imagine life without the geese and ducks. So I took a few images and added them to my collection called Too Many to Count.

Well, I am now somewhat inspired. Lesson learned: Embrace nature on nature’s terms. There is always a gift waiting for us in this great world of ours. I am always amazed at God’s creation. What a masterful artist! More Zoo pics