What Do You See?

When composing an image to photograph, often times, I close my eyes to see the image without focusing on any one focal point.  I look for the presence of the scene.

Washington DC Architecture

I begin to feel the color of light and how the surrounding areas absorb the light. This process produces a visual image often not seen by those who only look.  It may sound a little confusing, but it works.  These images of building reflections in Washington, DC, appeared after I closed my eyes for a few seconds and erased  all the previous images I saw while looking at the buildings. The building reflections were there all the time, but I noticed them only after re-opening my eyes.    The building reflections appeared more interesting than the actual buildings.    Enjoy!

Guided by the Light

Solomon’s Island, MD
On a recent visit to Solomon’s Island, Maryland, I arrived under the disguise of  celebrating a birthday of a close friend of a friend. Arriving mid afternoon, did not leave opportunity for photography, but I scouted  the park for the ideal photo shoot for the golden light hour. Often described as 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.

In the meantime, I ate everything my heart desired, including strawberry short cake, corn on the cob, salads of every variety and anything non-meat oriented.  After an hour of eating, and eating and tasting…. and checking the angle of the sun every 45 minutes, my promised golden hour  arrived.

I grabbed my camera and skipped to the fishing peer… The same pier I visited three times earlier that afternoon.

It was exhilarating to witness yet another sunset and continue to have the same breathless sensation as when I first recognized God’s Pallet.  Captivated by the pink, orange and yellow hues, accented by blueish gray clouds, my heart skipped a beat and I had to remember to breath.

I wasn’t the only person guided by the light.  As I walked back to the pavilion of my party, fishermen and their families skipped with a pep in their step as the sunset promised  another great evening of fishing.
Solomon’s Island Sunset