Spring is Here (Finally)!

Cherry Blossoms

Washington DC

After a season snow, a quick trip to the Tidal Basin in DC merited an amazing Spring day with temperatures in the 70’s. Throngs of people early in the morning gathered to experience the Spring rite of passage, the opening of the Cherry Blossoms. This group of images aren’t your ordinary Cherry Blossom images of the monuments and the Tidal Basin. The images are an abstraction of cherry blossoms, water and painterly reflections. The images are in memory of my Mom Gloria G. Theckepera. Happy Spring!
See images of Cherry Blossoms


Well…. It’s been awhile…since I’ve blogged.
and now Spring!
the beauty of new beginnings
promise of hope
second chances
God’s Grace.
Take a moment and take in the colors, fragrances, and the dance of nature.

Enjoy my new collection called Botanical Birth.!

Blue Poppies Copyright Cynthia P. Hunter Photography

Porch Flowers

Copyright 2012 Cynthia P. Hunter Photography

I have a few pots of flowers on my porch. The flowers bloom constantly and posses very intricate inner structure. As I come and go, I quickly glance at the flowers, but rarely stop and observe. Today, I sat on my porch and observed the brilliant color and intricate patterns. Their bloom life is short, but each blossom is never shy of absolute perfection.

Summer Reflections

Summer at the Beach Copyright 2012 Cynthia P. Hunter Photography

Ahh… another summer of easy breezes, warm weather sunny days at the beach. Time for family picnics, long walks and easy reading. How refreshing to watch a young child play for hours in the sand and ocean water. Or witness a family stroll along the ocean’s shore line observing the infinite ocean waves. Bright colors of summer reflected on wet sand and a lonely shovel floating in water. Well my summer is over as school starts on Monday. These images will be etched in my memory as I slap my alarm clock to awaken to the hurried schedule of the day. Enjoy!